DPF / EGR / SCR Delete

DPF / EGR / SCR Delete

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Having issues with your DPF framework? Need a DPF Removal Service? With our in-house group of designers, our DPF Delete programming is a finished framework arrangement, not simply DTC code evacuation. The advantages of a DPF Delete incorporate improved mileage, improved execution, and not any limp-mode home modes. Our DPF Delete programming working consistently on most makes and models, you can have full trust in booking your DPF Removal with ECUPROGRAM.


Applies on  Audi, BMW, Dodge, Mercedes, Porsche, VW with Diesel Engines. 


Audi / VW   2.0TDI, 3.0TDI and 4.2 TDI

BMW with M57, N57, N47 (328d, 335d, 535d, X5 3.5d)

Mercedes Benz ML320, GL320, E320 CDI, ML350, GL350, Sprinter

Dodge RAM1500, Jeep Grand Wrangler  with ecodiesel engine / 2.8L CDI  / 3.0 CDI

Porsche Cayenne  Diesel



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    Our Tunes are based: 

    Optimized for 93/94 AKI Octane / 98 RON gas

    • Dyno Tested and data logged

    • VMAX (Speed Limiter) Removed or Increased

    • Better Throttle Response

    • Smoother and More Refined Maps

    • Increased Fuel Economy

    • Lag Removed

    • OEM Safety / Limits Maps Remain Untouched

    • Optimized for Elevations 

    • Custom Options Available!

    The factory maps stored in your ECU are compromised to allow for the sale of the vehicle throughout the world. They are programmed to take into consideration the poor fuel quality, various altitudes, and different emission requirements in numerous countries in which the brand is sold.

    Our tunes are developed in collaboration with renowned race engineers and tuners. Our Engine Control Unit (ECU) tuning results in the optimal balance of power, operational smoothness, reliability, and driveability.

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