Front Desk Helper

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On Site

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Full Time

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10 September 2020, 21:30:00

About the job

Convey a professional, friendly, respectful and welcoming tone to all clients who either phone or physically arrive at our shop. As the first contact for our customers, our Receptionist exemplifies our company philosophy of "Treating our Clients like Family".
- Ensure that every individual that enters the shop is greeted with a smile and provided with a friendly transition, so their needs are addressed.
- Maintain an overall knowledge of the dealership department functions and the team members responsible for each of them.
- Build a professional, respectful and caring relationship with all staff members to optimize workplace enjoyment and productivity
- Handle all incoming calls quickly and efficiently with an emphasis on:
- Minimizing the time clients are placed on hold
- Referring messages to the correct department in a prompt and professional manner
- File all necessary paperwork acco