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Vehicle Tuning

Go Fast or Faster!

As a client of ECUPROGRAM you can look forward to the following results!

Naturally Aspirated

Up to +10% HP and Torque and better fuel consumption


Up to +35% HP + significantly greater torque and better fuel consumption


Up to +40% HP + Impressive fuel consumption

Custom tuning

Varies Greatly, specially for heavy mods done on the vehicle such headers, bigger injectors, race octane fuel, bigger turbos, etc. 

ECU Modifications
  • RPM limit

  • Speed limit

  • Boost limit

  • Fuel map

  • Ignition map

  • Idle Speed map

  • Cam Timing map

  • Transmission map

  • Lambda map

Every vehicle owner wants their ride to perform at its best, delivering smooth and responsive acceleration, efficient fuel consumption, and enhanced driving experience. And one of the most important steps to achieve that is engine tuning.

 What is Engine Tuning? 

Engine tuning is the process of adjusting the parameters of an engine to optimize its performance, power output, and fuel efficiency. This involves tweaking several aspects of the engine's components, such as fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and valve timing, among others.

The Benefits of Engine Tuning

  1. Improved Performance: Engine tuning can help enhance the performance of your vehicle by optimizing its power output, resulting in smoother and more responsive acceleration.

  2. Increased Fuel Efficiency: By adjusting the fuel-to-air ratio, engine tuning can also help improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, helping you save money on gas and reducing your carbon footprint.

  3. Enhanced Driving Experience: A properly tuned engine delivers a responsive, smooth and more enjoyable driving experience, making it easier and more comfortable to maneuver your vehicle on the road.


The Different Types of Engine Tuning

  1. In-House Dyno Tuning:
    - Process: Involves using a dynamometer (dyno) to simulate real-world driving conditions while adjusting engine parameters. Contact to book an appointment. 
    - Ideal For: Performance enthusiasts seeking optimal power delivery and efficiency. Suggested for custom mod set-ups.

  2. Flash Tuning:
    - Process: Use a handheld flasher device to upload a tune to the car’s existing Engine Control Unit (ECU) to modify parameters. Can be done at home, order a flasher and tune to get started.
    - Ideal For: Suitable for basic modifications and quick adjustments without extensive testing.

ECUPROGRAM will perform a full diagnostic check prior to remapping. We always recommend high-quality fuel like octane 91 (95 RON) or 93/94 (98/100 RON) or racing fuel but it is not essential unless strictly specified. Please note that all vehicles' existing safety features remain intact.


If at any time you sell or take your vehicle to the dealer for services and wish to remove the tuned software, we will do this at NO COST although the software will add to the value of your vehicle.


Look no further - ECUPROGRAM, your dream Performance Tuning & Upgrade Shop is here! Come in and be amazed by our vast selection and incredible prices.

4527 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2L2, Canada


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