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D-EX Formulated for Diesel

Complies to ASTM and North American Fuel Standards. Low sulphur diesel increases friction and corrosion.  SFI's D-EX decreases friction by increasing lubricity up to 25% Low sulphur diesel increases friction and corrosion.

Formulated with SFI leading edge technologies, formulated to improve fuel economy up to 10%, increase Cetane over 12%, increases lubricity up to 40% while reducing friction up to 35%. SFI products are EPA approved and reduces GHG’s.

  • Decrease maintenance costs up to 10%
  • Increases Lubricity up to 25%
  • Reduce the rate of injector wear and tear up to 25%
  • Decrease Regen up to 45%
  • Reduce corrosion in onboard and refueling tanks
  • Eliminates carbon buildup on injection system
  • Increases HP and torque
  • Highest rating for corrosion control
  • Extends the life of Diesel Particulate Filter up to 30%


D-EX Quick Facts

  • 1 liter treats 2000 liters
  • formulated to increase MPG
  • Decreases maintenance cost by up to 10%